Premixslip Instrument Lubricant

The only premixed instrument lubricant and rust inhibitor clinically tested to be thoroughly steam penetrable and steam sterilisable.


Premixslip is a non-oily, non-sticky, non-toxic, silicone free lubricant for surgical instruments. It prevents rusting, staining, spotting and tightness of surgical instruments and reduces costly repair and replacement.


Premixslip® should be used on a regular basis on all surgical instruments with box joints to prevent tightening and sticking.



Use as is. Do Not Dilute - Shake gently prior to use.


For Dropper Applications:

  • Restrict the use of the lubricant to the area of the instrument requiring lubrication using the dropper
  • Allow the Premixslip to penetrate the joint for about 30 seconds
  • Test the action of the lubricated joint to ensure penetration
  • For exceptionally stiff instruments re-apply and actively open and shut the instrument, until loosened
  • If the lubricant dislodges dried contaminants from the joint. The instrument will require re-cleaning

Premixslip Instrument Lubricant