KLENZ Shoe Sanitiser

Klenz Shoe Sanitiser


Disinfecting - Deodorizing - Drying


  • Microprocessor-controlled device that treats footwear and hoisery in a few minutes 
  • Ideal for use in a surgery, clinic or even at home
  • The footwear is treated gently and most diverse germs removed resulting in a fresh, dry and odour free shoe. 
  • Ideal for patients with malodourous, sweaty or infected feet
  • Can be included as part of your treatment or an additional chargeable service


  • Contains two removable shelf trays
  • Has ample space for two pairs of shoes or three pairs of slippers
  • Expected lifetime of product is 10,000 hours of continuous use
  • Has four different programs of 10-180 minutes to yield the best possible results
  • Low energy consumption
  • Quiet operation


How does it work: 


  • Ozone gas - The built-in Klenz modular ozone generator produces ozone gas at the top of the cabinet
  • This gas is warmed by a heat fan and driven under pressure via ducting directly into the chambers where it comes into contact with the shoes or equipment
  • The pressure of the gas enables the ozone to penetrate deep into the fabric of the shoes to where the germs, sweat and bacteria reside - the source of bad odours
  • The gas lifts sweat and odour particles from the fabric and is drawn through the chamber filter to the outlet, before further purification through Klenz's patented filtering system
  • Ultraviolet Light - The gas mixture passes through a chamber of ultraviolet light, which kills any remaining microorganisms in the disinfection and sanitization process
  • Activated Carbon Filter - The neutralized air passes through the last filtering system, which is an activated carbon filter to remove any residual odours and reduces ozone to safe oxygen gas
  • Moisture Purification - Trace ozone levels are further reduced to oxygen using Manganese dioxide filters and the safe moist air is discharged at the base of the device
  • Ozone stays inside the machine even when the doors are opened in the middle of a cleaning cycle
  • No ozone or polluted gases pass into the environment
  • Safe for the users of the device & for the environment 


Device dimensions W x H x D: 320 x 460 x 380 mm
Internal dimensions W x D x H: 250 x 330 x 300 mm

KLENZ Shoe Sanitiser

  • Please note that this will be shipped to you directly from the supplier

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