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Medication & Record Keeping

Podiatric Considerations 3


This half-day seminar day is divided into interactive presentations focused on the topics of Medical History, Medication, Psychosocial Considerations & Record Keeping.


What will I learn?


Medical History

  • Components of a detailed patient history

  • Relevance behind a patient’s medication

  • Red flags during a consultation

  • Considerations when managing the ‘high risk’ patient


Psychosocial Considerations

  • Impact of communication, language, cultural barriers and comprehension on patient care

  • Psychosocial impact of mental health problems & addictions

  • Considerations for managing patients with physical limitations and disabilities as well as those with learning disabilities

  • Issues surrounding consent & compliance


Record Keeping

  • Principles of good record keeping

  • Common pitfalls in poor record keeping

  • A greater awareness of the legal principles relating to the Data Protection Act

  • Legal and professional issues relating to documentation and record keeping

Tools & Equipment: None required  


Course Fee: £49

Includes a certificate of attendance, light refreshments, and the opportunity to purchase kits and discounted products available only at the CPD event.


Course Times: 

09:00-12:30 (Registration from 08:45)

14:00-17:30 (Registration from 13:45)


CPD Points: 4

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