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This half-day workshop focuses on the considerations behind someone’s risk status, including their social, medical and surgical history. It offers the opportunity to develop knowledge, skills and confidence in undertaking neurological and vascular assessments of the lower limb.


What will I learn?

The different medical and podiatric clinical considerations that contribute to someone being ‘high risk’, including physical assessments, treatment approaches, interventions and advice. You will gain a deeper appreciation as to the importance of assessing the circulatory and neurological structures, what different tools and assessment methods are available in clinical practice, how to use them safely, interpret the results and how to manage the high risk patient. 

Tools & Equipment:

All tools and materials are provided for use on the course 

Course Fee: £49

Includes a certificate of attendance, light refreshments, and the opportunity to purchase kits and discounted products available only at the CPD event.


Course Times: 

09:00-12:30 (Registration from 08:45)

14:00-17:30 (Registration from 13:45)


CPD Points: 4

The High Risk Foot & Neurovascular Assessments

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